Perform a Two-Minute Hearing Test

See if You Could Benefit from Our Hawaii Low Cost Hearing Aids!

Many people are unaware that their ability to hear clearly has deteriorated over the years. Some are aware that it has deteriorated but are unsure if they need hearing aids. Fortunately, at Akamai Hearing Aids, we can help you determine if your hearing could benefit from our low cost hearing aids in Hawaii. Please perform this simple, at-home test that will only take you two short minutes. For further clarification about the results or if you believe that your hearing would improve with hearing aids, please contact our licensed doctors today.

You can contact us online or call (808) 201-4096 to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced doctors.

A Simple & Effective Test

Get a reader to help you and follow these steps:

  • Read the 5 bold words below so that you’re familiar with them
  • Turn your back to the reader (very important not to lip read or watch the reader)
  • Have the reader say each of the words aloud in random order
  • Repeat the word you think the reader said
  • If you miss or say the word incorrectly, the reader should raise their voice and say the word again (just to be sure you didn’t miss the word due to volume)
  • Score your results

Keep | Seat | Feet | Teach | Cheat


  • 4-5 Correct: Don’t be concerned. You’re hearing is likely fine.
  • 0-3 Correct: If you missed more than two words, even when the reader raises their voice, you should get your hearing professionally checked. Contact us for a free in-office assessment.


The five words in the test feature high-pitch consonant sounds. Most hearing loss begins in the high-frequency range so words with high-pitch consonants can be challenging for those with hearing loss.

Beyond hearing well, sound stimulation is vital for brain health, no matter what age. Keeping your brain cognitively stimulated is vital to keeping the brain sharp and at its best. Studies show that without adequate sound stimulation, brains atrophy over time and the risks of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease increase. Early detection and correction is important for anyone at risk for hearing loss.

Contact us today at (808) 201-4096 and schedule your free, in-office hearing assessment!

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